Facebook will donate 1$ for every Share hoax campaign

Facebook will donate 1$ for every Share hoax campaign

1 share = 1$ facebook haox

Its not new that you open your Facebook and see some of your friends sharing photos of sick, physically disable or cancer patient (babies/people) and description mentioning that for every share Facebook will donate (1$ or more) for his/her treatment. Many people share those photos to help them or show that they care. However, the reality is that, Facebook doesn’t pay a cent for liking or sharing those pictures, and this kind off bullshit campaign was running in the internet since long time.

This type of message is known as chain message, and previously it was popular in email services and myspace. The content of the  message is generally same. Forward message to 1 person = 1$ to charity,  accompanied by picture of cancer patient or some sick babies.

Those messages are like mocking the victim rather than helping them and putting a mental stress to family as well as the patient as well. Any message that claims that money will be donated in exchange for sharing a picture in Facebook is 100% certain to be a hoax. We have already pointed out some method on how to spot bullshit hoax message on Facebook in our previous post “Contact lens melt in eye hoax“.

But why people do this in Facebook ?
The primary reason is “trolling”, trolls love to see people falling upon them and people being stupid. Just for their amusement and fun they do this type of disgraceful activity.

These type of picture manages to gain lots of share and like then why Facebook is not donating money ?
It is because these is done without permission of authorized person or parents of patient and there is no way to know who are the real parents. Besides this, pictures used in these are old image generally of 2005 or older than that and the issue might have been solved now.

If you see this type of message on Facebook, PLEASE do not share it. let the person that posted it know that the message is a hoax and it is wrong to share it. Generally this type of act is result of conscious trolling, so report the image.

report facebook


Some images used in these type of message,

cancer baby facebook donation for each share

cancer baby hoax facebook

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