facebook has a name sim rumor

Now a days “Do you know, every SIM CARD has a name?” status is popular in facebook. facebook has a name sim rumor
The message circulating around reads,

Do you know, every SIM CARD has a name ?? Try this !! :
1st step : from your number take the last 3 numbers, ex :: 0121234567, take “567”only
2nd step: do this @*[567:0] 3rd step : remove the sign * And
press enter in the comment box!

If you follow the process correctly you do actually see a name appearing. But the truth is that there is no relation between with your mobile number and Facebook.

The name is appearing is due to Facebook’s shorthand code. All Facebook users and pages are assigned with a unique ID number. When that ID number is typed into a comment box or status along with the symbols described in the message above, it displays the name of that corresponding Facebook user or page. For example, typing in @[666:0] reveals the name of Facebook user with the ID number 666. The ID number can be of more than 3 number, you can even use 4 numbers for above trick. For example typing @[133246996717581:0] will bring up our page, since our pages ID is 133246996717581.

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