Facebook logo nepalFacebook is the large website with more than 300 million users from all over the world . More than 400000 people in Nepal have a Facebook account and one of the most used social networking in Nepal . Facebook have wide range of translations available for its regional users . Follow the steps below to use Facebook in your regional language or in Nepali language.

First of all login to your Facebook account ,

Click on Account (on the top right corner, next to profile) and choose “Account setting”

Facebook account setting

After you have reached “Account setting” page , click on the “Language” tab and from the drop down menu ,( next to Primary Language) choose नेपाली(नेपाली language option is at last) .

nepali language in facebook

After choosing नेपाली, your primary language will be change to “Nepali” or the language you have chosen as primary language .

If you want to write in Nepali then you can use Nepali Unicode converter