Effective & Non-Effective Link Building Tactics

effective link building techniques 2012

effective link building techniques 2012Effective link building strategies have always been the backbone of a solid search engine optimisation campaign. Having quality backlinks to your website can not only boost traffic to it but also help you see a surge in the ranks with search engines.

As all online marketing professionals know, SEO is evolving every day and so are strategies that are related to it. And it’s true of link building tactics more so than ever before.

What might have worked wonders for a company some time back might not necessarily bear fruits today. The trick lies in updating your strategies according to the changing times to get fantastic results. This can be a bit of a nightmare for companies that want to have a set process in place, however SEO is a fast paced industry, so if you are complacent, then you will be left behind.

Three Effective Link Building Tactics

  1. Guest Blogging for all practical purposes ensures that you have complete control over the content on the sites that you have links from. Also you will be able to ensure that you focus on higher quality sites, which is where the real value of guest blogging comes into play. For legitimate sites, it’s considered to be the strongest link building tactic that is available today, as it is organic, higher quality and content related.
  2. Manual Blog Commenting is another handy tactic that has delivered good results. This tactic isn’t going to deliver huge results on its own however it should be employed to gain a wider diverse link profile and build up your reputation among your community. Finally it also gives you some nofollow links into your link profile, which helps give a more natural and rounded link profile.
  3. Directory Links have their advantages even today and you just cannot overlook them. They can be smartly used to create a base of links to a particular site. The main point with directories is to keep the choice of directories in mind as they should be related to your business and not just for SEO purposes.

Three Link Building Tactics That Could Cause Penalisation

  1. Private Blog Networks have come of age for several seasons; they are a convenient and a cost effective option for you. You can outsource the writing task at reasonable rates and see good results.
    It’s particularly true for sites that have domain authority as they can build anchor specific links. It’s also an ideal strategy to build deep links that have a long term impact. However, several private networks have been slaughtered by Google in the recent past. If a company can afford it, building a network would be advised over depending on a public network.
    There is definite risk towards this link building tactic, though many SEO companies continue to utilise it.
  1. Contextual Links: Search engines always value links built with content. Links from press releases, article submissions and Web 2.0 Blog posts have their own value. However, one must be careful with the choice of article directories or Web 2.0 sites. Several of these sites have been manipulated merely for bulk backlinks, and have been penalized by Google.
    This can fall under the grey areas because if you gain links from good sources and industry related websites, great. If you try to manipulate Google with these types of tactics, then you run a high risk of being caught out.
  1. Forum Profile Links have their advantages as well but one has to be cautious about using them because often they are fraught with spam, which can get you into trouble. But that doesn’t mean if used in the best possible way, like linking with a charity or an organization, they can bring you amazing results.
    These have been abused in the past, which is why they are on this list. Again if the forum is related to your industry and you are contributing effectively, then great – get that link. If you are targeting unrelated industry forums solely for that link, then this is a bad idea and a waste of your time.

Link building is not always easy, but if you follow the fundamental rules of making sure you get industry related links, keep the anchor text broad, mix up the link types and try to gain some high quality links for high Domain Authority website, then your site will respond well in Google. Fact.

Jonathan is working on behalf of Bang! Online Marketing that deliver effective link building and SEO services in Perth, Western Australia.

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