Easy & Free automated backup and Malware Protection for websites from Codeguard

Easy & Free automated backup and Malware Protection for websites from Codeguard

codeguard-backup-security-logo-couponAttack on site and accident is unpredictable , your site might go down because of your own error,server crash or due to attacks form hackers. So it is necessary to keep a backup daily or atleast once a week to keep yourself insured from uncertainty. CodeGuard.com is a new website established to ease the process of backup. Beside backup it also scan your site for possible malware .
This service has paid and free plan, free plan comes with 250MB of backup space, paid plan comes with 1gb space (or as needed) and with additional features like automatic rollback and pro monitoring system . You can compare plan and signup here. To use this service you must have FTP access to you site, thus can be used in any site that can be access via FTP Instruction /help document.

Important! currently this service is in beta , so coupon code is required to join this service, you can either request new code there or use code “nepallica” (without quotes) to signup.

Thought there are pros like automated backup & applicable for almost all site it doesn’t backup sql database , I hope this feature will be added soon.

About CodeGuard

CodeGuard is a member of the Georgia Institute of Technology’s Advanced Technology Development Center, one of the leading technology incubators in the world, according to Forbes magazine.



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