Earthquake in Nepal 18 september

A big shock of Earthquake was felt in Nepal today at around 6:25pm. According to media it was measured to be 6.8 scale strong quake. At the quake I was in my office and about to leave the office. Inside my office building I was on chair and besides my chair there was a curtain which started to swing rapidly . Still I was in confusion that Is it quake or something else. Accordingly I heard People shouting outside without looking outside I ran quickly downward without shoes. Still I saw wires and trees swinging heavily outside.

At the time of posting this post,  consequences found around kathmandu and in Nepal are:

Earthquake in Nepal 18 september
Wall Breakdown in Hadigaun Kathmandu

People have claimed that the tremor was felt in Pokhara and as far as Dang and Nepalgunj of western Nepal.

It has been learned that some houses have been destroyed in the eastern hilly districts. No casualty has been reported yet.

Traffic on the roads came to a standstill briefly as terrified residents and office goers poured out into the streets. Mobile networks were jammed as anxious people frantically tried to call their loved ones.

It has been reported that three persons have been killed as the wall of the British Embassy to Nepal crumbled in Lainchaur. Eye witness blame security personals of British Embassy for effecting the rescue process, because of that rescue process was effected for more than 10 minutes. Two persons died in Dharan, Nepal. One person broke his leg in Boudhha while jumping to ground from a house.

At least two persons have been admitted at a hospital in Chabahil due to giddiness and headache following the quake.

Lights and communication breakage in Eastern Part on Nepal.

Still actual evaluation has not yet been found/calculated.

[ The center of today’s earthquake was in Sikkim ,India]

Around 14 houses in Bhaktapur has been destroyed and some people were injured as a result of earthquake .

Video : Earthquake effect at lazimpat shopping mall

Stay Safe.!

Source: Different Medias.

Earthquake in Nepal 18 september
Effect of Wall Breakdown in British Embassy , Lainchaur