Downloading and installing teamviewer for Ubuntu linux is same as we do in Windows based operating system. In window we download .exe where as for Ubuntu linux we have .deb installer. Here you will know how to download and install teamviewer in your any version of Ubuntu version.

To get teamviewer installation file file copy and paste this link in your browser [] or from download setup file this direct link.

teamviewer ubuntu linux download
You choose to open it with “Ubuntu Software Center” as show in above picture or save file to setup later.

After completing download you need to open this with Ubuntu Software Center if you have selected  “save file”.  You get the following message box via “Ubuntu Software Center”. Now select “Install” button and TeamViewer will be installed.

install teamviewer in ubuntu linux


Now open your dash home and search for teamviewer, if it is installed correctly you will see the icon that will launch teamviewer.



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