hulk comic

make comic online freeWe have collected 6 sites that helps you to create your own animated comic strips for free online. The best part about these is that, they allow you to create your very own comic strip easily and fast so that you don’t have to work from scrath. As per your need you can choose the site you are comfortable with.

The real process of making a comic is not that easy as it need skill in drawing and using software like Adobe Photoshop. But these site will ease the process of making comics as you can use pre-made templates and characters.


Make Beliefs Comix online is easy to use but there is not enough option and message. Users can choose from 25 characters to make a two-, three-, or four-paneled comic strip.

One limitation is color, though you can choose a background color, the characters remain black and white. There are only about four different expressions for each character. The positive side of this is that you can finish a good respectable online comic in about 10 minutes.

2.’s Create Your Own Comic

Marvel comic builder

Marvel is one of the oldest player in comic industry and still a strong player in market. It has pretty good animations, characters and is easy to use as well.

It include choices for different styles of panels and has the Photoshop-esque tool dock. You can choose various characters from Super Hero Squad Show, including The Hulk, Falcon, and Wolverine.

Since you are limited to Marvel characters only, it is difficult to make a original comic but your story can be original . There are  five options for objects, and you can’t change the background. One of the drawback is that it has no option to save your work on the site.

3. Pixton

This is yet another site for creating comic. The site allows vast customization without the need to build from scratch. Instead of just choosing the color of a character’s shirt, for instance, there are options to adjust the collar, shape, sleeves and size of the shirt. Users can click and drag character limbs into new postures and can customize eyes, ears, noses and hairstyles. You can also add images from Flickr or Google images.

4. ToonDoo

ToonDoo comic maker

ToonDoo has versatile and friendly interface with  lots of customization options. There is a huge library of characters and objects to use in your comic strip, besides this there are also tools to create your own objects. The TraitR tool allow users to create custom characters and DoodlR to paint freely. If you want to use your own photos or another image in your comic strip, you can manipulate it through the ImagineR photo tool.

There’s is also an option to save your project, so that you can come back and continue later. After you have finishshed a handful of  ToonDoos, you can compile a book. You can also easily embed individual cartoons in a website or share them over networks.

5. Strip Generator

Strip Generator is another site with fun characters available to work and  easy to use. There’s not a lots of option to create a personal style but you can be creative with your story line.

One unique feature of this site is adjustable frames, if you need a cell to be a bit wider or longer, you can just drag the wall. Another stand-out feature is the personal library. If you have modified a image, you can save it for later use as well. .

6. Make meme comic with Rage Comic builder

how to make meme comic

I assume that you are familiar with internet memes. Rage builder by memebase is a popular free online tool for making meme comic or rage comic. It features a large number of internet meme such as troll face, y u no guy, forever alone, cereal guy, fffuu faces, Dolan & friends and lots more. The editor builder is basic and allows you to add panel, texts, draw using brush and save. It doesn’t allow to import your own images so you can only use the characters available in the site.