Cheats for 4 Pics 1 word

4 pics 1 word is a popular iOS and Android puzzle game. In this game you are provided with 4 pictures and you have to guess a word that is related with those pictures. The game is easy to play and addictive. But it gets really frustrating when you run out of coins for hint and there is no one to help you. You can ask for help with your friends in Facebook but it takes times.

If you are looking cheats for 4 Pics 1 word we have collected the best apps to help you guide in your quest. These cheat can be used in both Android and iOS game.

One of the app I’m using is “4 Pics 1 Word Helper / Cheat“. You have to enter the length of word and words given as hint and it will display the possible combinations of words. From that you have to choose the correct one.
Cheats for 4 Pics 1 word
The app is handy in solving most of the problems. You can download this app from play store here :

For iOS, there is scanner app available to help you. It is called “Cheat for 4 Pics 1 Word” and can be download from here :

Cheats for 4 Pics 1 word ios

If you don’t want to download any app you can go to website : for answers.

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