I guess most of you are aware of Facebook game called Cricket Master Blaster. However, you might not be aware of Cricket Master Blaster cheat. I will be writing about Master Blaster Cricket cheat in this post. The main aim of this game is to score as many runs as you can with a single wicket. Since it is a game in a social networking site, you can challenge your friends and compare each other’s score. If you want to score lots of runs and earn cric$ then follow this cheat and score lots of runs that will totally put your friend with a surprise.
As you may have noticed this game is built on flash, and you might know we can mess around flash simply by forwarding/rewinding from its inbuilt function that can be accessed via right click. This cheat was discovered a long time ago in flash games, but I am surprised to find it working in the game of 2010. First, open Cricket Master Blaster from here, after it is fully loaded start game normally. When the batsman gets ready right click in the game and choose “Forward” and you will automatically hit 6!. Continue this process until you get desired result. Be careful, choose “Forward” only after the batsman gets ready otherwise the game will end. To score four manually score four and repeat the same process stated above. By this, you will get lots of runs as well as cric$. Currently, price of 100cric$ is 1$, why waste money for virtual money? This will help you save some money :D, share this if you want all to get rich or get rich alone. This works until today’s date (Jan 12, 2010)  and is likely to be fixed by them soon so that they can sell cric$ and earn money.
Here is a screenshot to make it more clear.
Cricket master blaster cheat

This bug has been fixed by the developer & doesn’t work now. If there is new trick we will inform you about it.