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Weird and Strange Cakes

If you are thinking of giving someone unforgettable gift cakes, then probably you would want to check out the lists of world’s most creepy cakes. For the food fans, and those who love a little tweak on it, these cakes would certainly put an extra outlaid before even eating them.

Skull Cake

Lungs cake



MSPaint Masterpieces that will blow your mind of the designer put MSPaint in the category of the worst tool for making design, and I guess most of them do not use it now. Some people have already posted blog entries and made some Facebook group with title ” MSPaint Sucks” . However, if they look at these master pieces, they will probably say this is not made in MSPaint or delete their blog post and Facebook group. Here are some pictures made in MSPaint that will blow up your mind. (more…)

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Rank images For Forums ( with tutorial & PSD)

I think you remember my last post where I have shared some of the rank images for forum softwares.  Although they were made for SMF forum software, it can be used in any other forum software like  Vbulletin, MyBB, IPB , PHPBB etc. Last time some images didn’t look good so this time I have re-done all images and will tell you how I have done that. I have used Photoshop CS3 for this work ( can be done in older version too). (more…)


Forum Rank/Belt images for SMF

These custom rank belts are made specially for Forum software SMF. You can also use this in other forum softwares or websites without any restrictions. The icons use in this images are work of You can obtain these icons freely form there. If you don’t like Gif images or size you can modify the source psd provided with this package. (more…)

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