Camera apps for Nexus 7 (Android)

Camera apps for Nexus 7 (Android)

Nexus 7 – 7inch Android tablet is still popular gadget amount the android fans. The device was sold for US$199 and had a impressive hardware as well. May be to cut-off price of device, it doesn’t have rear camera and only features front facing 1.2 mega-pixel camera. Nexus devices comes with Android 4, but unfortunately Nexus 7 doesn’t have native camera app. If you want to take photos with front facing camera on Nexus 7 you have to install additional apps. We have made a list of free apps that you can use in your device and use the camera.

1. Camera Launcher for Nexus 7

camera app for nexus 7
There are two application with this name one made by Modaco and another by Doodle Apps. Unlike one by Modace this version has been translated into 50 languages. I guess both app currently use Jelly Bean SDK. After installing this app you can take photos, videos, and even panoramic photos with the 1.2 MP camera. This is not actually a app, this can be called launcher than launched inbuilt camera app.

Download (Modcao)
Download (Doodle apps)


2. Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express is a free app developed by Adobe. This app let you take your picture using front facing camera in your Nexus7 and also add effect to it. This app can also be used in editing existing images. Touch to crop, rotate, adjust color, and add artistic effects. You can also access all your photos and videos directly from your free account and quickly share with your friends.




3. Pixlr Express


This app is similar to Photoshop Express. Just like Phothop Express this let you edit existing image or take one. This one has more effects and boarder than of Photoshop.


There are lots of apps beside these apps. We will be bringing more app camera for Nexus 7 in upcoming post. Subscribe to our blog or follow us in social network to keep yourself informed.

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