Bluehost review (It sucks)

If you search for Bluehost review on internet you will get tons of review, and some regards Bluehost as top host and has given really good review. After reading all those reviews singing glory of bluehost I decided to get hosting from them. The hosting of bluehost was different to what it was written on those site.

I faced lots of downtime and customer service was terrible. You have to wait around 5-10 minutes to chat/talk with their support team. If you ask why your site is down they will provide answer in riddles saying this and that is using too much resources.

I don’t know if this happens, but when I asked why there is too much downtime and why my site is loading slow they replied  me that it was because I had too much directories. This suddenly came after a month of hosting with them.

Their anytime money back guarantee and free domain is nothing but marketing gimmicks to snatch your money. Yes they do give your money back but after deducting charges, i.e if you host your site for 1 month and you are not satisfied you can ask refund but they will refund your money after deducting price of 1 month hosting which is around 6$. Same with domain, you will be charged around 11$ for domain.

Bluehost’s cpanel is crapped with ads all over them. I paid for their service yet I see ads all over the cpanel. Below is the screenshot of what it looks like. And all these are premium services, you have to pay additional money to use them.

bluehost cpanel

Sites that gave bluehost good review had affiliate link, no wonder they are covering this shit with all those glitters.

In short, stay away from Bluehost, bluehost sucks. Get hosting from iPage, they are better than BH. Hosting with bluehost was nothing but a butt-ache.


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