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tips for beginners blogging

tips for beginners bloggingIf at all you’ve just entered the blogging field or are planning on entering it sometime soon, you’re definitely going to be on the lookout for some beginner tips.  So, before taking a look at some of the important tips, let’s just see what blogging is all about.

In the present day, people use blogs to make money as well as just to share their interests with others interested in the same stuff. Considering the amount you’ve got to learn in order to become good at it, one could surely say – it’s an intimidating task! However, you should never let that dampen your spirits; because, if you’re determined you would certainly be able to proceed and be a winner!

But, if at all you want to be successful, you would need to be passionate and unique. If you’re just choosing a topic in order to get some cash through ads, you’re definitely going to be doomed. So, let’s take a look at some blogging tips that you would benefit from:

Promotion – When you’re in the blogging field, you can’t follow the principle – ‘build it and they will come’. Therefore, you would need to promote your blog. In the very beginning you would have to work really hard as it’s going to be really difficult; because, you’re going to be an unknown face. You can compare this entire process to beginning a business from scratch.

Post great content – Your blog needs to be filled with useful resources and the content should be unique and awesome! No one’s going to be interested in reading something that is totally useless. There’s absolutely no reason to post each and every day; many blogs are really successful with one post per week or month – but, this post is extremely resourceful and insightful. So, basically you just need to plan your posts well ahead of time and stick to the frequency.

Be patient – Rome wasn’t built in a day and there’s no way you’re blog is going to gain huge traffic within the first few months – unless you’re a celebrity. Therefore, you should go on writing great posts and promoting them and one day you’d notice that people are coming to you on their own – either through search engines or shares.

Don’t monetize too early – The day you begin your blog, don’t post ads! No one would want to visit a blog just to see ads right? So, even if you’ve got your first post up and it’s really great; people would never read it if all they see is Adsense blocks and affiliate ads.  Therefore, you should wait till you’ve got at least 15-20 posts up before you start showing ads.

Think like the visitor – In order to get the best results for your blog, you’d need to write content that your viewers would want to read. Give them all the information they need based on a particular topic before you proceed and begin something else. Writing a series of posts explaining a niche topic is a great way to begin your blog.

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Subash Poudel

Nice One.
The most important thing is to find innovative topics to blog about, Think out of the box, think like a blog reader and avoid early monetization.