Bhaktapur 55 Window Palace opened for public

After more than 2 decades 55 window palace was finally opened to general public on September. This was really exiting news for local people as well as people living outside valley. Sadly entrance to 55 window palace opens only on Tuesday, and this has a horrible effect. If you want enter inside this historic masterpiece you will need to stay in line for hour. Since it is opened only in Tuesday there is long line of internal tourists,external tourists as well as locals. 55 window palace is manged by Bhaktapur municipality and we can see that management isn’t well as it should have been for a heritage that in included in “UNESCO World Heritage”.

Last Tuesday I visited 55 windows palace hoping to get inside, but the crowd was too much so I decided to return home instead of standing in line for hour. Couldn’t get inside the palace but here are pictures of the crowd.


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