best seo plugin for wordpress

best seo plugin for wordpressSEO is one of the most important and focused part of website. Most of the popular website we see have powerful SEO. SEO need various works such as keyword research, internal / external back-links building and lots of patience. For a beginner all the steps necessary for SEO is a hard work. But we are naming one the best SEO plugin for wordpress that will make SEO an easy job.  This post won’t contain list of plugins but contain a plugin that we think is best for improving  WordPress SEO.

If you haven’t yet noticed, we are using plugin named “WordPress SEO” by Yoast. This is a complete SEO solution for wordpress website, it contain all the thing that you need to make your site SEO tight. It has lots of functions such as

  • Post titles and meta descriptions
  • Robots Meta configuration (control index, no-index, options)
  • Canonical (avoid duplicate content)
  • Breadcrumbs (for internal link-building)
  • Permalink clean up (make permalinks seo friendly and clean)
  • Inbuilt XML Sitemaps
  • RSS enhancements
  • Edit your robots.txt and .htaccess
  • Clean up head section

Before I was using “All is one SEO” plugin, but now all our wordpress site is using Yoast SEO Plugin. This also reduced the amount of some plugin we were using before such as sitemap plugin.

If you need help on configuring wordpress SEO plugin read our post :
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Besides these, speed of the site also play a vital role in SEO. You can read our post speed up wordpress performance.

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