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Best free open-source CMS 2017 (For business and personal use)

best cms 2015

best cms 2015

Starting a new website for personal or business use ? Here are the best CMS to use in 2017 that assures performance and is also easy to scale.

CMS or Content Management System are program – usually coded using open-source technologies such as php,html,css, js etc. that help the webmaster or user to better manage the content in their website. CMS helps the user in publishing, editing and modifying content, organizing, deleting as well as maintain the website from a central interface. There are different CMS available and used by major players in the internet as well. In case you are looking forward to have your own place on internet and looking for best free open-source CMS, give a look at these amazing free CMS currently leading in the market.


WordPress is the most used CMS in the internet. Approximately around 19% website are powered by WordPress. WordPress started as simple easy to use CMS; more like a blogging software but with time it evolved as a complex powerhouse CMS that supports eCommerce, user-management, building community website etc. and option for scaling, flexibility and ease of use. WordPress can be used for simple blogging / website, with savvy mind it can also be used to do complex tasks. Some of the notable website using WordPress are “The San Francisco Examiner”, WNBA, Toyota Motors Brazil, Sony and even NASA. WordPress is a GO for beginner.


Durpal is dubbed as a powerful CMS and requires more learning curve (in comparison to WordPress and Joomla). It can be used to develop complex website and is developer friendly. To use Durpal, one requires some expertise and experience. Some developers view Durpal more as a CMF (Content Management Framework) than as a CMS. It is complex application enabling you to develop any type of website or webapp if used properly. If you are looking for easy to use CMS and just starting out on using CMS, then Durpal would be a hard nut to crack. Some popular websites using Durpal are Virgin, World Banking Day, RedHat, The Economist, Lady Gaga, Al Jazeera etc.


Joomla is another fairly popular CMS on the internet. It is more like a middle ground between WordPress and Durpal. It has extensive developer friendly as well as user-friendliness. It simple a word Joomla is less complex than Drupal, more complex than WordPress. It can be as well used to create complex website with ecommerce, community/social networking sites. One of the downside of Joomla is – it is less flexible in comparision to WordPress and Durpal. Some popular websites using Joomla are Oklahama University, Linux.com, Havard, MTV Greece etc.

Concrete5 CMS

Comrete5 is new player in CMS market. Concrete5 was designed for ease of use, for users with a minimum of technical skills. Concrete5 is advertised as flexible framework for developer and easy in-context editing for client/user. Said that, we can assume Concrete5 can be used by savvy developers as well as general new users. It too have functionality such as eCommerce, discussion forum and growing at steady rate. They are fairly new but has been able to attract developer as well as non-savvy user on the board. Some of the big names using Concrete5 are Cambridge University Press, Red Bull BC One, Switzerland Government and Philippines Airlines. Definitely worth looking over!

These are some of our pick for best free open-source CMS. Your perception toward these CMS may be different based on the use.

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Surprized to see cms from the past for a 2017 review.

You should consider bolt, grav, and especially october cms that is just awesome.


Thanks for the suggestion. I will update the articles with your recommendation. CMS like WP, Joomla and Durpal are leaders in CMS so these were mentioned even they were old.

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