Alesis IO2 Express USB Audio Interface Review

Alesis IO2 Express USB Audio Interface Review

alesis io2 express usb interface review
Alesis io2 Express is a portable USB audio interface manufactured by Alesis. With Alesis io2 express, you will be able to record vocal, guitar keyboard etc on your computer.  Alesis io2 express is available for around 80$-100$ in the market. I usually don’t do review post, but in this post, I will be reviewing Alesisi io2 express usb audio interface and let put my thought if it is worth the price.

The Alesis io2 EXPRESS is a compact, light weight, audio-recording interface for home studios and portable recording setups; suitable for beginners and intermediate users for basic recordings. It is a two-channel USB device that enables you to record at up to 48k 24-bit resolution and compatible with virtually all DAW.

The device is small and light, since the  case is made of a plastic because of which it wouldn’t take heavy drops and damage. Thought it is material used for construction is plastic, the quality of materials used seems to be of good quality and can face minor bumps and hits.
It is really easy to set up this device; just plug in the guitar to device and connect it to your PC, no need of installing drivers and other stuff, thought I use “ASIO4all” for lower latency. Since it is universal plug and play device it can be used in almost any operating system i.e Windows, MAC OS, or Linux and with almost any audio recording software/DAW. With this device, there is almost no latency even in old computer that I am using. It is a bus powered so there is no need of external power supply. It also has a MIDI Input and Output jacks for playing and controlling software with instruments.

In my opinion, it is a good device for people new to home recording and the price is reasonable as well. It can be found on Amazon at 70 USD price rate or less. I don’t see much cons of this device and can go neck to neck with competitors like M-Audio.

Here is one small cover done using Alesis io2 express USB Audio Interface

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