are widely used feature in web give website compact & clean look and save bandwidth. I began to search script for creating tabs for this page because I need to add 10+ object in single page or add another 10 pages which will make website bulky and not so easy to navigate.There are lots of java-scripts available to make tabs but here in this post I will give focus on two scripts on the basis of simplicity and weight.

1. JavaScript Tabifier uses CSS and JavaScript to create tabs to group content together. It is very easy to use as well as website offer full documentation and example to make user understand it. Light version of tabber is just 5kb and css around a kb which don’t cost much bandwidth and loads fast.They also have google group for discussion and support here.


Yetii (Yet (E)Another JavaScript Tab Interface Implementation) is another javascript that can be used to make tabs. It’s minified version is around 4kb and un-minified is 5.4kb. It’s basic feature can be used without using css, css can be used for adding extra look. It’s website has given well documentation on using tabs features but haven’t mentioned on css customization ( I will mention about this later ).


I have used YETII for this page because of some issue with large number of tabs and problem with wordpress page. But using tabifier is much easier and fast to work with in comparison to YETII. I will be using tabifier in this website of mine soon. Beside these there are lots of scripts for adding javascript for adding tabs which can be found in search engines by searching around.

Tutorial for adding custom javascript and css in a individual wordpress post and page like I did, will be covered in next topic.