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11 Best Business and Productivity Apps for Your iPad


This is the world of gadgets and different kinds of gadgets are available these days, which are considered best for business productivity. iPad is one of them and is known for its apps and accessories. Main reason for its popularity is the availability of numerous apps, which helps professionals in conducting their business activities with ease and convenience. You will be amazed to know that there are more than 200,000 apps that can be used on iPad and many of them can assist professionals to increase the productivity.

Some of the well-known business and productivity apps are as follows:

1. Keynote:

Giving PowerPoint presentations to subordinates, colleagues, and business clients is very common these days. Now, you can give the presentation on your iPad with the help of an app, Keynote. Using your iPad with this app, you will not need to carry laptop anymore for presentations. It costs just $9.99.

2. Epicurious:

Due to the current condition of economy and limited purchasing power, many people have started in different kinds of side-businesses. One of them is cooking and catering. Male and female both are involved in this type of business and offer different kinds of cuisines at reasonable rates. If you also want to start this business and want to know unique recipes to create difference then you can consider downloading free iPad app, Epicurious.

3. TD Ameritrade Mobile:

This amazing app is best for online stockbrokers and that is why it is also known as iStock Manager. It not only facilitates the stock traders, but also the online investors. This useful app also supports graphical representation of data besides providing real time streaming, market data analysis, and accessing trade stock options.

4. WebEx:

Now, participating in meetings with business clients and prospects is easy by installing this amazing, free app on your iPad. The best thing is that you do not need to subscribe an account to attend any meeting. This is only required if you want to schedule a meeting being a host.

5. Cortado Workplace:

Storing, managing, and editing office files with the help of gadget are now possible with the free iPad app, Cortado Workplace.

6. Todo:

Todo is the best planner interface, which facilitates its user to make a to-do list using multiple task reminder facility.

7. Pages:

This iPad app allows you to use templates for making different types of flyers, brochures, and reports for distinct purposes. Moreover, it allows you to create, edit, and view your documents whenever you want.

8. iThoughts HD:

Project planning in an effective way is an indispensable need of every business entity. To make this crucial activity simple, this amazing app can be downloaded to iPad for just $9.99. Use of this app will make you eligible for planning your project and setting your organizational goals effectively and efficiently.

9. PrintCentral:

PrintCentral is the best printing app available for iPad users. It will cost you only $8.99.

10. eFax:

eFax enables your iPad to work like a fax machine; it supports and enlarges pictures to fax them to the desired number.

11. Personal Finance for iPad:

Simply download this app on your iPad and it will allow you to track, budget, and manage all of your finances like a breeze. It is the best available tool to track the expenses and planning for your future savings.

Final Words:

You can say that business and productivity apps available for iPad are unlimited. One just has to consider his need and budget to get any of the iPad apps for effective and efficient business activity.

Mudasar began his career in finance at Mortgage company. Now, he helps people getting cash advance. Visit over here to get more information.

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